Lectures and Seminars

Rabbi Brawer lectures and leads study workshops on a wide range of topics from philosophy and history to Talmud, halacha, midrash and hasidut. Below are some examples of the many topics he presents.

  • Judaism, Jihad and the Challenge of Sacred Text: How Judaism deals with violent texts in its sacred writings and how this can be a model for other faith groups.
  • Humility of Faith: how faith communities can help avoid the clash of civilizations.
  • Between two Worlds: Reflections on Hasidism and Modern Orthodoxy.
  • From 19th Century Idealists to 20th century pragmatists: a shift in Jewish ideas and attitudes.
  • Angels & Demons: what does Judaism believe?
  • Great Jewish Controversies: a series of lectures exploring some of the most intense controversies in Jewish history
  • Symbolism and Substance: what is the meaning behind Jewish symbols such as the Star or David, the Menorah and the Lion?
  • Souls on Fire: an in-depth look at the personalities and ideas of the early Hasidic masters
  • Sexual ethics: what does Judaism say about intimacy and sex?
  • Personal Reflections on a decade of Interfaith Work



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